Teacher Trainings

Aerial FABRIC Level 0/Sling1 Teacher Training

May 19, 20, 22, 23 2017 with Julianna Hane/Born to Fly Aerial
30 Hours
$825 + books
Fabric 0/Sling 1 Curriculum Poster Included
8 participants max. (2 spots available as of March 29, 2017)

Prerequisites: 6+ months of experience on any aerial apparatus. Must be able to do basic inversions safely. Previous experience in teaching is recommended but not required.

Required Reading: The Aerial Sling Manual 1 (available April 2017*) by Rebekah Leach; The Aerial Teacher’s Handbook by Julianna Hane. Purchase books from AerialDancing.com.

Friday/Monday, 8 hours (30 min lunch break)
Saturday/Tuesday, 7 hours (30 min lunch break)

Julianna will be hosting 2 workshops at Bumbershoot in St Louis on Sunday May 21st. No teacher training that day. Please let us know if you would like to attend--additional fee paid to Bumbershoot will apply.

What You Will Learn: This training focuses on foundational aerial movement developed by Rebekah Leach, which includes primary shapes and concepts used across all apparatuses. Our home apparatus for this course is sling, but skills will be also translated to the low trapeze and hoop. This course prepares you to teach early beginners how to work in the air intimidation-free. We greatly emphasize progressions, particularly to develop strong technique as well as sequences to teach transitions. At the end of the week, you will walk away with a solid introductory course that could last for up to a full semester (or longer for students wish to stay at that level). You will also leave with basic composition exercises to instill creativity in your classes from the beginning.

Videos: Most of the skills covered in this training will be available on video at AerialDancing.com as of May 2017. Teacher trainees are eligible for a discounted membership for life.

BarreBody™ Teacher Training

Coming Summer 2017. More info soon.