Session Pricing

How it works


Pricing is based on the number of classes that you decide to take during the week. Download the Pricing Card (PDF) to see the break out.

What if I can’t make classes consistently during a 4 week period?

We offer a class card that you may purchase and use on a drop-in basis. Please note that wile we offer the class card as an alternative, you may only attend the class if there is space available. Some classes have equipment limitations and for the safety of our students, we will only take the number of students that we have deemed to be appropriate for those classes.

Why are the class prices higher for the drop-in card? Don’t you want my business?

We absolutely want your business! However, we are an independent studio which means we are not subsidized as are some of the other larger fitness facilities in town and therefore cannot remain open if we don’t meet certain financial metrics. In order for us to run as class, we need to know how many people we can count on to be in the class each week. The availability to drop-in means that you are coming when it suits your schedule (voluntarily or not) whereas the other students have made a commitment to be in class each time it is held. Therefore, the price per class is higher to prevent the abuse of the drop-in class card being used as a way around committing to a set schedule since we only run a class if it meets minimum student attendance. The Drop-In session card is our way to accommodate those that need to or want to drop in but can’t commit to a set schedule for one reason or another. All Drop-In cards are valid for one year from date of purchase. Let us know if you need to extend for any reason. We thank you for understanding.